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“I’ve seen nights so dark and mysterious that the Wolves are silent

and the Red Chile Moon howls!”  

                                              ~ Pablo Cordova, oldest man in Poblano County

Nestled in a small corner of America, close to the border of Mexico and not too far away from the Rio Grande, is a little town called Pablano where many strange stories and legends have their origins.  There are even rumors that the land is haunted. All these mysteries can be traced back to a peculiar old man named Pablo Cordova.

The unanimous consensus of the physicians at Pablano Medical Center is that Pablo Cordova should have been dead a long time ago. Every one of Pablo's doctors have adamantly expressed that if Pablo maintains his current lifestyle, he will not last a week. Today Pablo quietly tends his Chile fields, and with tamales, salsa, and beer adorns the graves of friends, relatives, and doctors who have long since passed away. Pablo is the oldest man in Pablano, New Mexico. It has been said that death and Pablo have a strange relationship.

Pablo may entice the local tourists with his stories of what happens at night under a red chile moon, but he absolutely scares the ‘bejeezus’ out of little Billy Whitman, newest resident to this land of enchantment. Billy is the only child of William and Susan, and he never imagined himself living anywhere else but his familiar hometown of Detroit, Michigan. So after a series of tragedies, including his grandmother passing away, his parent's divorce, and a bitter child-custody battle, Billy’s life has been turned upside down.

Looking for a fresh start, Billy and his dad decide to leave the fast-paced city life for the slow-moving sleepy southwest. Fast-forward six months, a rented dusty desert trailer house, fields of chiles, a beat-up ‘73 Gremlin, and a mysterious old landlord who talks to ghosts; Billy now longs for the past. 

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