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Graphic Novels 

In cooperation with the Heinlein Prize Trust, I have started an ambitious new project aimed at reintroducing Robert A. Heinlein to a new generation by way of the Graphic Novel. Entirely funded by Kick Starter, “Citizen of the Galaxy” and "Have Space Suit - Will Travel" are the first in what I hope will be a succession of Heinlein titles inspiring tomorrows’ future engineers, scientists and space explorers. 

Citizen of the Galaxy

Graphic Novel Published 2015

Copies available at Heinlein Books.

Have Space Suit-Will Travel

Graphic Novel Published 2019

Copies available at Heinlein Books.


Graphic Novel Publish TBA

Comic Collections

My Sister Mere

First Published in 1995/Houston Chronicle

Trade paperback collection available soon


Red Chile Moon

First Published in 2003 by Washington Post Writer's Group 

FineToon Fellowship Finalist

Trade paperback collection available soon. 


Stig's Alphabet Field Guide

Children's book

First Published in 1997 by Lockheed Martin 

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