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Named after one of Pablo's favorite dishes, Tripita is Pablo's best friend. Tripita was also Pablo's late wife's favorite pet, which accounts for Tripita being at his side and not served with a side.

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According to most local doctors, Pablo Córdoba should have been dead long ago. Quietly attending his chili farm with his pet pig Tripita, Pablo attributes his longevity to eating at least one chili every day. The fact is, he can't remember the day he was born. Even the doctors that performed his triple bypass surgery were unsettled as to Pablo's actual age. Today Pablo is the oldest man in Chile County, New Mexico and his doctors have long since passed away.

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In life Ernesto Montoya was Pablo's best drinking buddy and any trouble they got into was usually the result of one of Ernesto's suggestions. Señor Mucoso can't hold water.

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